Cooking Classes

A typical day at La Cocina Oaxaqueña starts with a visit to the Central Market. Strolling the aisles and visiting with the vendors in the colorful hubbub will provide a fascinating overview of the region´s culinary heritage.

We will share information about many unique fruits, vegetables, and spices that you will use to prepare a four-course comida, the midday meal that Oaxacan’s drop everything to enjoy. After your class you will be able to identify these unique foods by sight, smell, and taste and be able to shop for them on your own with confidence.

When we return to our home and the kitchen, we will prepare four or five dishes, including one mole or main dish (guisado), a soup (sopa), a salsa, a salad (ensalada) and a dessert (postre).

The course includes:

• Five hours of instruction.
• Tour of a local market.
• Recipes for the dishes prepared.
• A full meal in our outdoor patio, with wine/beer/mezcal included.
• Transportation to and from your hotel.
• English speaking staff. (Although we will happily help you practice your Spanish!).
• A souvenir or gift from La Cocina Oaxaqueña Cooking School.

Two courses are available every day from: 09:00 – 14:00 hrs or 15:00 – 20:00 hrs.










We rotate the menu every week, depending the season and representing the 8 regions of Oaxaca. The menu also takes into account the fresh ingredients we find at the market. Students may request particular dishes and we will add them if possible. Know that some dishes may require more time to prepare than class will allow. Vegetarian meals are absolutely possible.

We have over 80 dishes on our list! Examples of favorite Oaxacan dishes are:

• Soups: Sopa Azteca (tortilla soup), Sopa de Guía (squash flower soup), Pozole (corn soup), black beans soup, tortilla soup, seafood soup.
• Salsas: cactus and tomato salad, cheese salsa and Ceviche.
• Main Dishes: Seven Moles and local stews, Chiles Rellenos (stuffed peppers), Tlayudas (Oaxacan pizza), Enchiladas and enfrijoladas with tasajo beef, Empanadas (stuffed corn flower tortillas),Tamales, Seafood, grasshopper and warm dishes, Jicama tacos (Mexican yam tacos), Huitlacoche tacos (corn fungus tacos), molotes (corn snacks) and other local dishes.
• Desserts: Arroz con Leche (rice pudding), corn and chocolate pastries, Nicuatole (corn jelly), Amaranth desserts, Tuna ice cream, and other local sweet fruit desserts.
• Drinks: Aguas Frescas, mezcal and tequila cocktails, aguamiel (no alcoholic drinks), Tejate corn drink, cactus fresh water, chocolate and coffee drinks.

Cooking with us, the students immerse themselves in one of the most essential aspects of our cultural and come to know Oaxaca in an unique way.