I appreciate all of you for making me so comfortable, for sharing your family recipes with me, and for accepting me into your home.

John Witherns, Oregon, USA.


Thank you so much for the lessons and for answering my many questions about Oaxacan ingredients and dishes.

Nathan Morell, Cowbell Restaurant, Toronto, Canada.


Wow¡ What a wonderful expirience. Thank you for your hospitality. The food was delicious and I have learnt new skills.

Sue Johns, South Africa.


Thank you so much¡ I can´t wait to prepare Mole Negro for my friends and family.

Natalie Oswald,


We were ready to cook… Socorro found things to improve on at all the stations in the kitchen. These were the little details I was here for… this was probably the best meal that I have had here to date.
Paul “Pablo” Rossotti, California, USA.

I’ll give my plug for a wonderful family who runs a cooking school right from their beautiful “Mexi-style” kitchen in Oaxaca.
Playaguya, Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

The joined in the cooking class gave me for learning how to cook some traditional Mexican foods, having funny on buying ingredients in local market, and having an unforgettable cooking process.  Great experience for me.