About Us

My family opened La Cocina Oaxaqueña in 2000 in order to share and educate people from around the world about the exquisite and world-renowned cuisine of Oaxaca, Mexico.

My grandmother was from the town of Etla, a small Zapotec village, where culinary traditions have been handed down, mother to daughter, for thousands of years. My sister and I learned from our mother and now carry on the family tradition at our school. We’ve made our tortillas the same way for a long, long time!

I have always loved food, both eating it and preparing it, and thus chose to attend the National Superior School of Gastronomy and Tourism eventually graduating with a Degree in Culinary Arts and Management.

Therefore I learned the secrets of Mexican cuisine from not only my family but also through formal education. Since then I have continued to hone my skills in restaurants and catering businesses as I travel throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Additionally, while studying local and rural tourism, I developed an interest in sustainability, organic food, and the Slow Food Movement, which has become an important part of La Cocina Oaxaquena. Traditionally, Oaxacan cuisine has always been natural and organic and we feel that it is important for all of us that it remain so.

In addition to giving classes, I am currently writing a cookbook on Oaxacan cuisine that will be out soon.

We invite you to share our passion for the authentic flavors and aromas of traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Sharing what we love with family and new friends from around the world is a dream come true for us.